Scrabble with a Shmear

Last night the Hebrew Club held its final event of the semester: a game night complete with bagels! Hebrew scrabble has been a halmark of the Hebrew club events since I have been involved with it, and my love for scrabble in English has easily translated to a love of the Hebrew version. Even when I was in the early stages of learning Hebrew, I was surprised at how many words I was able to put together. Even if they were short little words, being able to recognize the letters and connect them to create a word validated the fact that I was truly picking up the Hebrew language. After all, being able to utilize a language in real-life contexts is the most important aspect of learning. Now, having completed almost three semesters of Hebrew, I find myself even more astonished at how many words I am able to think up with the scrabble tiles. Playing with other Hebrew students in a friendly, relaxed environment makes it seem like we are just a casual group of friends playing a game together, rather than students using it purely as an educational experience. The best part is that it ends up being a great combination of fun and learning. And of course, when you have a bagel to nosh on, it makes Hebrew word building even more of a blast.

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