International Bazaar

The international bazaar held on the South Oval was an amazingly vibrant gathering of people with different heritages from around the globe. Tables were set up by region or specific country, and showcased elements of the languages, foods, and crafts from these places. Walking up to each table, I had the feeling that I had traveled a great distance and was arriving in a new place; each country has such a unique character, and the organizers of the event did an incredible job in setting up the bazaar in such a way as to let these personalities shine through. I was particularly fascinated by the students who were offering to write people’s names in Persian characters, as it reminded me of my own zeal in showing my friends how their names look in Hebrew characters. There is something beautiful about seeing your own name represented in a different way. I think actually being able to visualize how one’s name would look to people of another culture also creates a sense of interconnection among those who come from diverse backgrounds.

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