Having a (Salsa) Ball!

It was a lovely Friday night, and I was sitting eating dinner with friends when I happened to make an errant comment about there being a salsa ball in the union later that evening. I had considered going, but hadn’t been able to find someone interested in tagging along with me. Much to my surprise, my friend Emily’s face lit up: “Let’s go!”
I was taken aback. I love trying new things, especially if they involve exploring elements of other cultures, and here was someone who shared my adventurous spirit! Emily and I were relatively new friends, but together we set out for the dance floor.
When we arrived, we found the room packed with people! The night began with a bachata lesson, and we learned the basic pattern of the feet and how to do a simple turn. Later on there was a brief salsa lesson. I am a lifelong dancer, and although I’ve conquered styles ranging from ballet to flamenco to swing, I had never tried any type of Latin dance. The rhythm was very different from anything I was used to, and my body had to really adjust in order to get in the groove of the movement! Emily and I danced together and smiled through it all as the live band filled the room with vivacious music. Despite our fumbling footwork, we had a (hip) swinging night!

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