Deal or No Deal: A Lecture on the Iran Nuclear Deal

Joe Cirincione is the president of a global security foundation that focuses on the elimination of nuclear threats, and gave a lecture back in January on the most Iranian nuclear deal signed in July of 2015. Relations between the United States and Iran regarding the production and maintenance of nuclear weapons has been a source of continual tension for many years. The agreement reached regarding the future of Iran’s nuclear program was a monumental moment in global relations. It represented the power of compromise in an increasingly polarized and tenacious world, and it was hoped that the efforts of the international community in constructing this deal would generate more peaceful relations among nations. The importance of this deal in an increasingly threatening global environment, a world with an arsenal of nuclear weapons powerful enough to destroy our planet, cannot be stressed enough.

One of the other major points that Cirincione highlighted, however, was that this deal was in no way a blanket solution for all of Iran’s specific problems. Its implementation did not lead to a change in regime, human rights abuses were not addressed, and there was no attempt to reform poor regional behavior. But what the deal did do was prevent Iran from building extremely dangerous weapons, and was implemented in such a way that was satisfactory and (at the time) seemingly sustainable to all parties involved. While this should be celebrated, there is much work still to be done and the fight for peace and security in Iran, in the Middle East, and in the larger global community continues.

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