Welcome to Canúcn

Mexico has long been on my list of places to visit. When the dance department at OU announced last semester that they would be taking a group of dancers to the International Dance Encounter, an annual festival that takes place in Cancún, Mexico, I was ecstatic to find my name on the list chosen to participate. The IDC is organized by the Talulah Centro Integral de Danza in association with the foundation Save the Children, and every year they hold a weekend of benefit performances that bring artists together from around the world.

We arrived on a Wednesday, and were picked up at the airport by our host families. These were the families of children who dance at the Talulah Centro Integral de Danza, and they welcomed us into their homes with open arms. Our family lived in a beautiful two-story home that overlooked the water. They owned a boat docked right behind the house, and on our first night together, they took us out on the water at sunset. We were able to jump into the Gulf of Mexico and swim in the clear blue water. Feeling the wind in my hair as we sped back in the fading light, I felt like I was in a dream.

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