Ballet in Barcelona

Saludos de Espana! (Greetings from Spain!)

On my first study abroad adventure, I find myself in the majestic city of Barcelona! Before arriving, friends and family had showered the city with compliments when I mentioned I would be traveling here. And since my arrival on June 2nd, I have stood in awe of just how incredible it truly is!

I am officially participating in the OU School of Dance Barcelona Program. We spend between 5 and 6 hours Monday through Friday in the dance studio, working hard and sweating in the Barcelona heat. The studio where we take class is a regional academy called the Centre de Dansa de Catalunya. Our modern dance classes are taught by our sponsoring OU professor, Austin Hartel, but for out ballet and repertory classes we are lucky enough to be able to take class from Roser Munoz and Joan Boix, the owners of the studio. They come from a completely different background, and it is exciting to be exposed to a new perspective on ballet.

One of the coolest aspects of being here is the constant exposure to the Spanish language. Although I haven’t taken a Spanish class since my senior year of high school, I have been surprised at how quickly I have picked the language back up. To be able to practice with native speakers and communicate effectively has been amazingly satisfying. Taking ballet class in Spanish has also been an eye-opening experience; although the language of movement is universal, it is a very different hearing corrections and connecting ideas in Spanish rather than English. The teachers do try and communicate some things in English, and because ballet steps are in French, ballet class here is a potpourri of the three languages!

I am off to rehearsal – hasta la proxima vez!

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