As part of the OU in Puebla Mexico Week festivities I attended a screening of the movie “Coco.” It was shown in Spanish with English subtitles, which provided me with the opportunity to revisit my Spanish language knowledge and practice my listening skills in a very engaging way.
The plot of the movie was crafted around the traditions and vibrant visual representations of the iconic Mexican holiday, the Day of the Dead. Having some previous knowledge of this holiday, it was interesting to see how the filmmakers blended elements of real celebratory practices with fictitious embellishments. The bright colors and intricately animated skeletons instantly drew me in, creating an electrifying cinematic experience that made me feel as if I was experiencing the holiday first hand. While this film was very entertaining, it also carried an important message: that above all, family should come first in our lives. Even when the people closest to us make mistakes, we should recognize how important the bonds of family are and how the love we share can help us through difficult circumstances. I think this is a beautiful message. I came away from this film feeling incredibly happy, and was inspired to text my family afterward with a reminder of how much I love them.