Ice Age – Hebrew Style!

At the second installment of Hebrew Club, we all gathered around the TV at Hillel, popcorn in hand, and watched the film Ice Age with Hebrew audio and English subtitles. It was my first time watching a film in Hebrew and being exposed to the language for a prolonged period, and I was surprised how many words and phrases I was able to pick out. Although I am still very much a beginner with Hebrew, I felt more connected to the language as I sat with friends from class and enjoyed a movie with them. Hearing the pronunciation of the words was also extremely helpful; I have found that one of the hardest parts of mastering a language is becoming attuned to its specific phonetics, to the rhythm and tone of the spoken words.

While I was studying Spanish in high school, my aunt, who is originally from Mexico and whose first language is Spanish, suggested I watch movies or TV shows in Spanish to help me practice, as she used this same strategy to learn English. I’ve watched many series since then with Spanish audio, and have indeed found it immensely helpful in my understanding. I am excited to watch more movies and TV shows in Hebrew in the coming months, with hopefully similarly helpful results!

Hebrew Club

When I walked into the OU Hillel living room, where people were gathering on couches and around tables, I was immediately greeted with

?שלום! מה שמך

Although I had answered this question many times in Hebrew class, it was strange hearing it outside of the context of a learning environment. The women who asked was Ori Kritz, the head of the Hebrew Department at OU, and I answered using my best Hebrew pronunciation. It is always nerve wracking talking in a foreign language with a native speaker, but it was nice to be able to start using the Hebrew I have learned in a real, tangible context.

We spent most of the meeting discussing activities we plan to do at future Hebrew Club meetings, including cooking traditional Israeli dishes, playing Hebrew board games, and learning traditional Israeli dance. At the end of the meeting, we played a game to help us learn directions in Hebrew that was similar to “Simon Says”. I am excited for our next meeting and the Israeli and Hebrew culture I have entered into!