Fun Games and New Names

This past Thursday I had an incredible time attending a game night for international students and other OU students wanting to get to know their peers from around the globe. I arrived quite late due to a prior commitment, and I was worried that I would not be able to find a game to join or people who had not already broken off into their own groups. To my surprise, I was instantly greeted with smiles and enthusiasm when I asked a group of girls playing Guesstures if I could join in the next round. As they introduced themselves to me and told me where they were from, I couldn’t believe how many countries were represented! I had the chance to talk individually with many of them and learn a little bit more about their home countries and what they were studying in the US. One of the girls I met even showed me a photo of her hometown in Uruguay, which was absolutely beautiful!
I tend to be shy when I meet people for the first time, and I was surprised by how comfortable I felt. Everyone I met was so friendly, and they welcomed me right away into their international community! The game we were playing added another element of comfort to the situation, because it was based on charades. Since there were varied levels of English fluency present, being able to play a game that utilized the universal language of human movements was an awesome way to connect and have fun. I ended up walking with the group of girls back to the Traditions Apartments, and had even more time to get to know some of them. I began the night feeling quite lost among a sea of students from other countries, and ended up making some great new friends!